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Launched in 2002 Spin Palace has become one of the most popular online casinos and has won several high-profile awards including Casinomeister’s ‘Best New Casino’ in 2002 who praised the site for its ‘fairness, support and promotions’. There are a vast selection of games (over 140 in total) including several variations of Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and several progressive Jackpots (regularly reaching over $1,000,000!) with an average payout across all games of 97.2%. Users can play for free with a ‘guest’ account before registering a ‘real’ one on which they will receive a $75 free bonus. Players can wager in four different currencies ($, £, Euro, CA$) and the site is available in four languages (English, Spanish, Italian and Turkish). Spin Palace uses Viper software, the latest edition of Microgaming software which is recognized as the leader in the online casino industry. The new software has a series of new features designed to enhance the player’s experience. These include ‘Expert Mode’ that automatically adopts the best possible strategy for you allowing the best possible return, ‘AutoPlay’ that enables players to automatically play a selected number of hands or spins without having to continuously hit the ‘Spin’ button, and the ‘Analyze’ Function, which demonstrates how optimally a player is playing. The software is available either as a small download or as an instant play flash casino and the player’s account is transferable between the two. Every transaction is recorded and logged enabling players to investigate their playing history and there is easily accessible 24/7 support. Proc Cyber, a leading e-commerce provider, processes all payments in a completely secure environment and a wide range of deposit options including MasterCard, Visa, Firepay, Neteller, Switch, Delta and many others. The site is fully licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and payment percentages are reviewed monthly by independent auditors.
Launched in 2002 Spin Palace has become one of the most popular online casinos and has won several high-profile awards including Casinomeister’s ‘Best New Casino’ in 2002 who praised the site for its ‘fairness, support and promotions’.

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Buy the terrific JPM, FANTAZTEC  RAZZAMATTAZZ or CASH BANDICOOT, Fruit Machines in this fabulous state of the art cabinet. £25/8/5 Jackpots . This is the best value fruit machine you will ever buy!!!! Call now to place your order on 0800 980 2207 whilst stocks last. This is a seriously attractive cabinet.!!

When you buy a fruit machine through our site you will receive our best attention. We allow a 3 month Parts warranty with all our fruit machines.

We have a large selection of fruit machines for sale, although they are usually only UK fruit machines. They are in the main second-hand fruit machines, although you could order a brand new one here, but when they are new they are very, very expensive pieces of equipment.

Here at Fruit Machine Sales we can deliver Nationwide and to Ireland, Isle of Man etc. We only use specialist carriers to the trade when any fruit machines are to be delivered, thus ensuring a smooth delivery.

If you buy a fruit machine here we will always be pleased to discuss any future part exchanges with you at a later date, to keep up your interest in the machine .We do always have a large selection of slot machines for sale out of which you may make your choice.

We are licenced and regulated by the Gambling Commission.licence no GBD 99/3856/1 Gamcare. for Polyphonic Ringtones, Logos, Picture Messages, Wallpaper, Animated Screensavers, Comedy Voicemail, Wind Up Joke Calls, Wind Ups for Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Sagem and other compatible Mobile Phones


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What better way to spend an evening than playing online casino games! Once, you had to travel to a casino to enjoy your favorite games. It was expensive and you had to take time off. Now you can log on and play online casino games from any computer with an Internet connection. There are many online casinos to choose from and all you need to do is click to enter. The variety and sophistication of online casino games is astounding and most sites provide the option of practice play to get you started.

Psycho Cash Beast Club
This club game, the first to utilise our innovative 'Knockout Zones' style of feature, has all the right ingredients - from great graphics and audio, to countless strategies for best wins. Overprinted numbers on the payline lead into a cash ladder, where a successful Hi/Lo gamble enables players to exchange into the feature. Once in the feature trail the aim is to unlock and illuminate as many of the six zones as possible, using 'knockouts' to eliminate smaller wins. Additionally, when nudges are awarded in the feature trail, players can manipulate features to best advantage. A 'Psycho Cash' feature means there are five distinct ways to really big wins. For further excitement the 'Psycho Play' button, once activated, gambles to the biggest wins possible.

£250, £500 and £1,000 jackpot versions available

Dual-stake and multi-stake options

New 'Knockout Zones' for a Club game

New 'Psycho Cash' feature

New 'Psycho Play' button

MPU5 technology

Blue Genesis cabinet with optional note acceptor


Machine Club Casino Crazy
Release Date   October 1997
Cabinet   Vogue
    Casino Crazy Club was based on the highly successful AWP of the same name. The game retained many of the elements associated with Casino Crazy AWP but had several new dimensions added specifically to cater for the club player. The player enters the feature game by completing a 1 - 11 stage name fill. Once achieved the player steps around the board attempting to increment four different pots comprised of Win Spins, Nudges , Features and Cash. The Casino Crazy logo has a dual function whereby as well as being used for feature entry it will award the player an extra life if completed during the feature game.

Game Style - Lapper with pots.

Feature Entry - Is gained by completing a 1-7 trail via overlaid numbers on the win-line. Bonus position 4 Can also help complete trail.

Feature Entry Bonus
- The feature entry trail overspills into the feature bonus pot and includes bonuses such as Extra Life, Multi Add, Super Knockouts etc.

Feature Game
- The player must make their way around a 28 stage lapper trying to increment on of the three following pots either Cash, Features or Nudges .

Feature Game Bonus
- The player is awarded a bonus during the feature when they land on a designated bonus square and are offered the following Advance3, Same Again, Super Skill,Reel Steppa or Thunderbirds Are Go.

Super Knockouts
- Are awarded when the player collects three badges via the lapper. More knockouts are awarded when the player makes a successful hi-lo gamble. Once the Super Knockouts are collected the player can choose to use them on any of the three pots. When a knockout is taken it will only knockout a position above the one currently on.

Thunderbirds Are Go
- Is awarded when a number fill is completed. Once the 5,4,3,2,1 numbers are completed Thunderbirds Are Go and either the Red or Blue streak is awarded.

Hidden Features
- Are activated via three overlaid red stripes on the win-line.



Game Style - Hi-Lo Gamble

Feature Entry - Complete a one to seven stage trail via overlaid numbers on the win-line. Bonus position four can also aid feature entry.

Feature Game
- Hi-Lo gamble up the cash ladder until reaching an exchange point. Players can then choose to exchange for feature or continue gambling. Upon exchanging for features exchange points will be seeded for the chance to exchange back to the cash ladder.

- Collect five bullets either red or blue to activate either the Blue Streak or the Red Hot Streak.Bullets are overlaid on the Hi-Lo reel and are incremented by one each time they appear during the Hi-Lo gamble.

Super Feature
- Are offered when the bullets turn red during the feature Hi-Lo gamble.

- A bonus on the Hi-Lo reel aids the player and offers options such as: No Lose, Extra Bullet , Lucky 7 etc.

Hidden Features
- Can be activated via overlaid red stripes on the win-line.




Calamari Club
Themed around a giant calamari (squid), this club game offers a 10-position trail, leading to the cash ladder, where players can try to reach the major prizes direct or, when a corresponding exchange panel to their ladder position is lit, select the wraparound feature trail. Separate trails along the calamari's tentacles provide nudges, cash wins, knockouts and features.

Four separate trails

Fill the tentacles to the jackpot

Shoals of cash and features

Fully switchable between stakes and prizes

Dual-stake play options available

MPU4 technology

Blue Genesis cabinet


Club Happy Fruits

The juiciest club machine around!!

  • Based on the ground-breaking 'Club Crazy Fruits'
  • Fantastic visuals and audio
  • Feature packed top-game to keep players interested
  • Play for the superboard - big cash prizes to be won here.
  • Shots and nudges build up - completing the ladder or matrix starts the superboard


Public Access Internet Terminal and  Internet Kiosk
Please consider the
benefits of a Public Access Internet Terminal or Internet Kiosk to your premises. These machines are a terrific money earner, great facility and can also be programmed to suit a multitude of applications. Ideal for Hotels, they allow your patrons to keep in touch with home or office at all times in this New Internet Age.

We are licenced and regulated by the Gambling Commission.licence no GBD 99/3856/1 Gamcare.

NB all machines are sold in the understanding that they are for private home use only and must not be used for hire. Any machines sold for trade purposes must be used only where the correct local authority licenses are in place, or gaming licence is obtained (clubs etc) and all duties paid. Fruit Machine Sales .com



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