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Club Machines


Barcrest   Click Here and select UK Jackpot For information and pictures on these machines

Quick On The Draw £745
Go For Gold £745
Card Shark £695
Golden Dragon £545
golden dragon-£645.00
temple of treasure-£375.00
big brother club-£355.00
royal exchange-£365.00
monty python-£435.00
get plastered-£435.00
ooh ahh dracula-£495.00
psycho cash beast-£445.00
trail blazer-£375.00
costa del cash-£365.00
bank roller-£325

Maygay   Sorry-- Awaiting Pictures

Baker St £695
Rich Chicks £645
Casino Grand £645
Fruit N Nudge £525
monopoly/coronation street-£595.00
over the moon-£495.00
twenty one-£395.00
knock out punch-£395.00
haunted house-£375
great escape-£375

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Global   Sorry-- Awaiting Pictures

WWTB Millionaire -565
Canon Ball Run-£545
Blackjack Club-£495
Beaver Las Vegas-£495
black jack club new version-£545.00
w.w.t.b.a. millionhare new version-£950.00
crazy streak-£525.00
spotted dick-£425.00
hey big spender-£425.00
utter nutter-£395.00
fields of gold-£375.00
wackey weekend-£350.00
heart break hotel-£295
up yer riggin-£295
hi lo casino-£295

JPM   Sorry-- Awaiting Pictures

Cleudo £725
Ramases to Riches £595
Thunderbirds £545
Viva Rock Vegas £525
red hot 6 (grand slam type)-£1,250.00
classic casino crazy-£1025.00
viva rock vegas £575.00
thunder birds-£555.00
hi roller (mulltistake)-£375.00
red alert-£395.00
royal flush-£425.00big top-£425
casino crazy-£375
give us a break- £325
Rollercoaster £325

Mazooma    Click Here For information and pictures on these machines

Count Your Cash £695
Rolling Thunder £545
Pacman Club £545

Bell Fruit    Click Here For information and pictures on these machines

Lockbuster £645
Goldigger £545
Cop The Lot £495
Classic Cops N Robbers £545
WWTB Legionnaire £455
bankety bank-£625.00
gold diger-£565.00
cops and robbers gold-£1,395.00
juicy jack pots-£495.00
cop the lot-£595.00
very rich geezer-£465.00
pacman club-£495.00
money spinna £500j/p-£525.00
grand slam casino £100/1000-£545.00
viva mexico-£375.00
super sixes-£375.00
tutti frutti-£345.00
crazy fruits-£345.00
money to burn-£375
fire cracker-£365
treasure island-£295
cops and robbers deluxe-£395
cops and robbers-£325
pharaohs cold-£255
premier club manager-£255
grand slam-£255
public enemy no1-£275

QPS    Sorry-- Awaiting Pictures

Cashvania £495
Cash Raker £455
Dough and Arrow £445

crystal   Sorry -- Awaiting Pictures

frame and fortune-£995.00
rameses to riches-£695.00
ace of clubs-£425.00
big night out-£445.00
ceasars palace-£475.00

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