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Internet Kiosks Applications


Select Your Chosen Kiosk Application Below:


Reasons to install an Internet Kiosk.


eGovernment Information Kiosks

Self Service Retail Kiosks

          - Gift Registry Kiosks
          - Digital Photo Kiosks

Tourism Kiosks                                     ***********                         Tailor Made to your application

Banking Kiosks 
                                    ***********                         Tailor Made to your application

Internet Kiosks / Pay Per Use Kiosks    ***********                         Tailor Made to your application

Health Kiosks
                                       ***********                          Tailor Made to your application


Hospitality Kiosks                                 ***********                         Tailor Made to your application


Bill Payment Kiosks/ Ticket Kiosks       ***********                         Tailor Made to your application


Business Park Kiosks                            ***********                         Tailor Made to your application


Corporate Kiosks                                 ***********                          Tailor Made to your application


Education Kiosks                                  ***********                         Tailor Made to your application


Exhibition Kiosks                                  ***********                          Tailor Made to your application


Service Kiosks                                      ***********                         Tailor Made to your application


Industrial Kiosks                                    ***********                         Tailor Made to your application


Please take a moment to read the more in depth benefits of a Kiosk in various locations.


Installation of an Internet Kiosk page  3


Upon completion of your order , the kiosk will be delivered and installed in a trouble free manner , as long as there is an existing telephone connection available and a few square feet of space to place it .These are most reliable machines and will require very little maintenance. You can choose between a cash payment system or a voucher payment system to facilitate your users.

The amount of usage in an average hotel environment is staggering ,allowing you to recoup many times the cost of your monthly   lease rental payment.


Please take a moment to read the more in depth benefits of a Kiosk in various locations.



Earn Big Profits From Public Internet Access Kiosks whilst providing your patrons with a reason to come to you for the information and entertainment they are looking for. This much sought after facility allows your patrons to send and receive email/video email, check sports, weather and traffic, while paying you on a per minute basis. .people of all sectors and ages need to be able to keep in touch with the various on line involvements that they have in this day and age.
In addition to being the local hotspot for public computer internet access, your kiosk can be programmed to offer special promotions. Your Kiosk can run full audio/video advertising with a message of your choice. By owning your own Kiosk you earn money by applying a fee for a  time in use strategy. With this cutting edge system you will be way ahead of the competition. Your Kiosks need only 2 square feet of floor space.

Ideal for retailers attracting a sit down crowd.



Earn Profits From Advertising
As well as  providing public internet access the Kiosk allows you to deliver full colour, Multimedia messages of your own choice. The kiosk can be programmed to direct connect to your own Web site and e-commerce solution to allow in store patrons the ability to purchase from you online. Your kiosk can have lead capture forms to get patronís feed back, their personal information such as email addresses, preferences and choices, etc. Charging advertisers a fee for advertising on your Kiosk is certainly  a viable way to subsidize your whole Kiosk program.

Ideal for increasing awareness to special products.



Increase repeat sales by up to 1500 % by allowing your clients To Tell You How and What To Sell Them with our world famous data capture and marketing solution that allows you to build client lists, keep in touch with clients electronically on a periodic basis with a message of your choice. When a client logs into your kiosk they are prompted for information such as their name, address, phone and email address and what types of information, products, services they would be interested in receiving.
This information is now available for you to connect with your clients after they have left with offerings catered to their desires by marketing to a pre-qualified prospect on a one to one basis.
      Suits most  applications and  are tailor made to your business requirements .

Ideal for the retailer who wants to get to know their clients.



Reduce Expenses and Eliminate duplication forever, plus provide better and more consistent services to your clients by automating many of your on site information delivery tasks into a self service solution that helps more clients with more information, in a much faster way . The kiosk can be programmed with an auto help desk to answer questions clients and staff might have. Also available is "Way Finding Software", that gives directions to clients as to the whereabouts of items in your store or mall. With our Virtual Tour technology you can give virtual tours of your business, products and services and even present you prospective clients  with coupons of their choice, or allow them to buy products from and pay you at the kiosk itself.

Ideal for any retailer looking to automate parts of their business.


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