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Internet Kiosks Benefits

The Benefits of Kiosks are many fold, but here are just a few reasons why one could be a solution to most circumstances

      Public Access Internet Kiosk

  • Kiosk customers spend an average of 12% to 35% more

  • Applications tailored to your need.

  • A kiosk in your location may increase your gross sales as much as 20%

  • 60% of UK citizens have e-mail addresses and 89% use computers weekly

  • The average kiosk transaction is  5.00

  • The average person will remain on line for more than 30 minutes

  • Nightclubs and bars are seeing revenues 70% to 80% higher than normal vending revenues

  • The transaction fee can be 25p, per minute or more !!

  • You, the owner of the kiosk, earn cash from selling time on line

      * They can widen your service offering
     * They can allow convenience for the user
     * They can cut queues
     * They can be used for Informing and educating users
* They can simply allow your guests internet access in a controlled manner.

We know that many of your customers now really do  NEED to access the Internet on a very regular basis. Most people now run on-line bank accounts, they have hot-mail e-mail accounts many of which are lost if they are not accessed at least once a week. On-line auctions through sites such as eBay are now the largest and most popular global retail outlets and chat rooms are part of the daily life of many individuals. We all know how the Kids need to keep in touch with their contempories!!  

Only 25 % of Business people can be bothered to take their laptop with them on trips , leaving them in real need on occasions to be able to keep in touch. 

There are many ways in which  you can offer your customer's access to the Internet with the simplest option appearing to be to supply a standard computer and charge for the time used ,but this can have many disadvantages to you,

        * You can't be sure what your customers are doing, they could be connecting to a premium charge telephone line

        *They could have accessed a secure page , but an ordinary PC may compromise their security by leaving their password open to the next user who  has total access to their account.

         *If you are on a network , even if  the most novice hacker uses your machine , they could easily break into your system  and cause havoc.

Some companies do offer a service where a payment system linked to a timer that simply cuts the screen connection when the time expires. This saves having to have staff around all the time but as soon as the screen is reactivated all of the difficulties described above come into play, you've not changed the way the system works, you've just cut the visual image of what's going on inside the processor . so you really do need a product which is made to do the job.

Great software teamed with durable  hardware is vital to the implementation of a successful kiosk solution.

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